Conseil expert en photovoltaïque



an advise can make you save a lot of money and does not have to be expensive. If you need support in photovoltaic technology and need to check the quality of your turn-key production line(s) before approval, just contact us for independant technical feedback.

Evaluation of your photovoltaic system: the technical review to the measurement of solar panels and auditing standards. In addition, we organize and evaluate solar panels in a certified laboratory.



  • production lines
  • comparaison of photovoltaic technologies
  • evaluation and audit of solar park
  • risk analysis
  • performance improvement of solar park



photovoltaic expert offers complete check of your photovoltaic installation. We offer the following services:



  • verification of foundations
  • test in the mechanical strength
  • check of cables and connectors
  • verification of inverters
  • functionality test system
  • test strings according the standards
  • identification of defects
  • damage assessment
  • measurements with thermal camera
  • check of production estimation
  • and other technical services on request



PV Expert provide you an expertise for your photovoltaic installation on roof and ground mounted system.

Our area of expertise



  • Inspection systems
  • consulting
  • audit projects
  • control of contracts
  • due diligence
  • productivity
  • identification of defects




Our guideline is based on the expertise, professional competence and fairness. Through our years of experience in the field of photovoltaics, from manufacturing photovoltaic panels, verification of raw materials and control of finished products to the delivery of the goods at the photovoltaic installation site.

Whether looking for a problem of less power of the PV generator liable for poor energy (hot spot, delamination, snail trail, cells cracks, broken glass, etc.) or inverter with high performance but with a poor part load, or whether a supporting structure is not suitable or a cable connector not UV resistant - we all know the types of defects, irregularities and damage, and we offer a quick and easy solution to implement.


We provide you a solution to improve your production. Our expert reports highlight damages and misalignements and offer clear and simple solutions.